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Have you been buying vinyl records lately?
Are you frustrated by the subpar quality of the vinyl records you have bought?
Do you wish there is somewhere you can check the sound quality of the records which you wish to purchase, before spending your hard earned money?

If your answer is yes then How It Sounds on Vinyl is the answer to finding quality sound.

We love listening to music on vinyl. How many of the records you bought recently have Sound Quality (SQ) you are completely satisfied with? You would be the lucky few if your answer is more than 50%, probably most of you would say below 50%, unless you are paying top dollar for a special audiophile reissue. Actually, even that does not guarantee top sound quality.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of most of the records you have purchased lately, now it is time to start doing something about it: Simply say, “no more” to subpar vinyl records and only purchase those with excellent SQ.

Don’t you wish that there would be no more worries about buying a subpar sounding vinyl record? Yes you can do that by providing a review on the SQ of a record you have just purchased. This will add to our database and help the next buyer spend more wisely. In return, you can read the other users’ reviews before you make your next purchase. HIS on Vinyl is completely user-based information.

Here at HIS on Vinyl, together we can create a community who really cares about the SQ of vinyl records.

We believe it is important to send out messages and create awareness that: Playing Bad sounding vinyl records is NOT COOL. Play good sounding vinyl is SUPERCOOL!

It is important to document the SQ of vinyl records, both good or bad sounding ones. Through this database, all of us can have a reference guide before we purchase our music on vinyl. We can then confidently purchase only those records known to have excellent high quality.

Record labels need to meet our demand for high standard in producing quality vinyl records. The sale of vinyl records will only be high if their SQ is high. We are the consumers and we want high quality products.


Start helping us to build the most extensive vinyl record sound quality database now:

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