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How It Sounds On Vinyl

How It Sounds On Vinyl is the first and only database website dedicated to documenting the Sound Quality (SQ) of vinyl records. A vinyl record buying and collecting guide for all vinyl lovers, vinyl nuts, or just an occasional vinyl record buyer.

HIS on Vinyl is a one stop spot for all vinyl record buyers to find the SQ of a vinyl release. We provide informations to help vinyl buyers purchase good quality sounding records. HIS on Vinyl is NOT a music review website.

It is HIS on Vinyl‘s mission to keep a database record of the SQ of all the vinyl records that have ever been released, except all unofficial bootlegs, 7″s and singles. HIS on Vinyl is passionate about listening to music on vinyl, the joy of of listening to music on vinyl can only be provided by good quality sounding records. Simply, that’s the only reason we listen to music on vinyl. Hence, we are inspired to purchase only good quality sounding music on vinyl in the future.

Stop the production of subpar quality records now!

We believe by ONLY purchasing brilliantly mastered and superbly pressed records with excellent SQ, we can keep the quality high.

At HIS on Vinyl, we want to praise and recommend the labels which produce excellent sounding records and, we also want to name and shame the labels which produce poor quality sounding records. Check out our 10 of The Best and 10 of The Worst charts.

We love music on vinyl. It is our mission to raise the quality of vinyl records and keep the analogue music alive. We vinyl lovers want to keep buying high standard and high quality records. To achieve this goal, we need your help to join us in creating the most extensive vinyl record Sound Quality (SQ) database.


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HIS on Vinyl has no affiliation with any record companies.