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Before completing the form, please read the rough guide on how we rate a record’s SQ. Currently we are only reviewing official realeases of 12″ & 10″ LP/EP, not including bootlegs, singles & 7″s. Thank you.

The rating

A record’s Sound Quality (SQ) is rated base on two important criteria, the sonics and pressing. The total score is an average of the two.

The Sonics

A few factors which affects the overall sonics

  • Well mastered records sound better – bigger, clearer, wider, more coherent and louder.
  • Well mastered records have a track spacing that makes artistic sense, highlighting the contrast and flow of the music. Any fades at the beginning and end of the tracks sound natural and appropriate for the music.
  • Well mastered records are free from pops and clicks that may have slipped through the mixing process, as well as any noise that detracts from the music.

To rate vinyl mastering is to rate how the mastering has done to create a clean and cohesive feeling across the SQ of the record.

What is vinyl pressing?

Vinyl pressing is simply the vinyl release. The 1st pressing is the same as the 1st issue, or the 1st release. The original pressing is the same as original issue or original release.

To rate vinyl pressing is to rate how well a record has been pressed (manufactured) and how its physical form affects its SQ.

  • Well pressed records are perfectly flat, clean, shiny and free from physical imperfections.
  • Well pressed records track well, free from distortion and sound quiet.

Please provide details on all required fields(*).

* You can find most of the details of a record release on discogs.com. Please provide a link to the record you are rating. If possible, please includes the matrix runout codes if it is not available on discogs. Thank you.

The Form

Please base your ratings, likes and dislikes on the SQ of the record, NOT the music:

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Please include the runout matrix info if it is not available on discogs.com. If there are more than 2xLP please add matrix to notes above.