Autechre – Amber (2016 UK)



by SQ:  85%  Pressing:  89%  Overall:  87% 

Warp Records has reissued Autechre’s first three albums on vinyl in November 2016, Incunabula, Amber and Tri Repetae.

The first two, 1993’s Incunabula and 1994’s Amber showed the duo, Rob Brown and Sean Booth working with a more melodic sound. 1995’s Tri Repetae signaled them moving into darker, less accessible territory. Incunabula is the seventh volume of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series, Amber and Tri Repetae are roundly considered classics of their catalogue and haven’t been available on vinyl since 2001.

If you were a fan of early Autechre’s, you ought to get these vinyl represses cut by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering. The sound quality is top notch for all three of them!!! They are beautifully pressed by Optimal Media. Unlike the 2013/2014 Boards of Canada’s reissues, there are no pressing faults to be worried about.

Warp Records have to do a second and third pressings to replace disc 1 or disc 2, or both discs of the of certain albums. However, the Boards of Canada’s reissues have a tad better sound quality overall than Autechre’s with better defined and taut bottom ends. Tri Repetae and Amber are close to Boards of Canada’s reissues in this regards and a tad better than Incunabula but Amber has the best mastering amongst the three albums.