Chris Stapleton – Traveller (2015 US)



by SQ:  70%  Pressing:  70%  Overall:  70% 

Traveller is the debut studio album by American country music artist Chris Stapleton. Traveller received critical acclaim and earned Stapleton several awards. It was named Album of the Year at the 2015 Country Music Association Awards.

As I have read quite a few terrible reviews about the pressing quality of this United Record Pressing release, what was said: “Its lifeless, dull and almost zero dynamic range.” I avoided this vinyl edition for a long time. Two years to be exact.

After hearing the brilliant pressing of Chris Stapleton’s second album, also released on Mercury Nashville, I decided to give this album a try, but I decided to get it from in hoping that the EU pressing will be different as the catalogue number listed on is different. US: B0019405-01 EU: 00602547255228.

It turned out that I received the US URP pressing even though I have purchased it from UK, so it seems unavoidable for me.

Traveller was mastered and cut for vinyl by Peter Lyman at Infrasonic Sound, same as his sophomore album From A Room: Volume 1. The quality of mastering is just as wonderful but it is a shame that this did not come through as brilliantly as the pressing of his sophomore album on this mediocre URP pressing.

The overall sound quality is also far from the claim of “lifeless, dull and almost zero dynamic range” albeit far from the brilliance of From A Room: Volume 1. It is an URP pressing after all and I have heard many much worst albums. However, it would have been much nicer that if Traveller were pressed to the same quality of From A Room: Volume 1.

As it is, it’s not ideal but this is s not an unenjoyable record. It helps that I am very lucky this time to receive a fairly quiet copy with minor surface noise…

A repress with better pressing please…