Jason Isbell – Southeastern (Unknow US GZM)



by SQ:  90%  Pressing:  90%  Overall:  90% 

I wasn’t happy with Jason Isbell’s 2014 Southeastern URP repress on Southeastern Records.

When I have a browse on Discogs.com, I received a notice regarding some changes on this listing that might affect my collection. I usually just delete messages such as this without reading them first. For some reasons I clicked on the link this time.

I found out that there is a GZ Media repress listed, year unknown. Not actually exciting but I presume the sound quality would be better than URP so I decided to give this a try. For a better bet to get this GZ Media repress, I ordered it from amazon.co.uk. For £12.90, it’s not hard to just add this to the shopping cart.

Like the 2014 repress, there is no distortions I can hear anywhere. I am very glad to report that this is a dead silent pressing! The surprises did not end there, as this is also sounding superior to the 2014 URP repress!

For a quick comparison, the acoustic guitar that opens Cover Me Up sounds a lot richer in tones, whereas it sounded steely before. Jason Isbell’s beautiful voice is also much richer, showing his real age. He sounded older and well-worn, whereas it was a much younger voice before and slightly thin by comparison. His passionate delivery is more heartfelt, his flat-out love for Amanda Shires (fiddle player, now his wife) is loud and clear, the words he sings have even better weights. The song permeates a much stronger sense of sadness and melancholy. This 2014 Americana Music Association Awards winner is the utmost enjoyable…

Overall, the dynamics and transparency are much improved where all instruments have richer tones, better depths and more layers. If you have been listing to the 2014 Southeastern repress as often as I have, these improvements are easy to notice. And if you enjoy this album as much as I do, you ought to get yourself a copy of this GZ Media repress…