Jeff Buckley – Grace (US 2014 ORG)



by SQ:  95%  Pressing:  80%  Overall:  88% 

Before the ORG reissue, I had the Kevin Gray remastered reissue of Grace on Sony Legacy, pressed by Record Industry, the same plant which pressed all Music on Vinyl releases. The Legacy reissue sounds excellent. Very clean and the dynamic range is excellent. I thought nothing else could top its SQ.

How wrong was I with the release of ORG reissue! This is probably the definitive version, for now anyway. The ORG reissue has the best sounding drums I have ever heard on a record. The attack and decay are superb, the bass is clean and tight and weighty. Low frequencies are extended. The overall sound is perfectly balanced, except that the vocals have quite a bit of sibilance, albeit crystal clear. The record just sounds right!

I used to sell records online. Due to reports on non-fills causing some loud pops, I listened to every copy before I sent them to customers.

I am happy to say, out of twenty something copies, I got only 3 copies with non-fills. Most of them pretty quiet and some did have continuous loud ticks and pops. So get a copy now but you might need to spend a little to get that perfect copy due to uneven quality in pressing but it’s worth the search!