Keane – Hopes And Fears (2017 UK/EU)



by SQ:  80%  Pressing:  80%  Overall:  80% 

The 2017 reissue of Keane’s debut album Hopes And Fears was much anticipated.

I saw a copy of the original 2004 pressing at my local record store about five years ago. They wanted AUD $60 and I thought it was pretty expensive, then, most records were sold for around AUD $30, so I let it go. How I regretted that when I found out the sky high prices of this album on Discogs!

Knowing that the reissue was pressed by MPO and cut for vinyl by Greg Moore at Finyl Tweek, I had high hope for this reissue.

However, the overall sound quality of Hopes And Fears 2017 reissue is a little disappointing for me. While this is a decent sounding record, it is not quite up to my expectations. The dynamics and depths are good but not excellent. The bass is light and low frequencies rolled off could be heard in many places. I haven’t heard the 2004 original pressing so sadly I am unable to comment. However, if you don’t wish to spend hundred of dollars for an original pressing, this is a good reissue to have and it sounds better than any digital versions. You would find this a big step up in dynamics if you have previously only heard the CD or the digital downloads.

For consolation, the quality of the pressing is of the usual MPO’s high standard, flat and quiet. Hopefully, the reissue of Under The Iron Sea is on its way and this time, much better sound quality!