The Dø – A Mouthful (2015 FR B&W)



by SQ:  90%  Pressing:  90%  Overall:  90% 

A Mouthful is the debut album by French/Finnish indie rock band The Dø released on 14 January 2008. This vinyl reissue was released on 7 Apr 2015 on Cinq 7. The Dø are a Franco-Finnish duo comprised of Dan Levy and Olivia B. Merilahti. The band name is drawn from the initials of their first names.

It is rare but every one of the 15 songs on A Mouthful is interesting in one way or another. Their compositions, textures, rhythms, emotions, or any one of a myriad of other ways are fun and fascinating. Arrangements are uniformly superb, whether the minimalist indie fares or the outlandish, brass and studio trickery embellished takes on hip-hop. There is Olivia’s quirky but sexy vocals to boot.

An array of instruments are featured, they are almost all played by Levy and Merilahti. These include ukulele, flute, saxophone, harmonica, piano, glockenspiel, violin, cello and percussions are carefully deployed, they often delight and never feel cluttered…

Mastered and cut for vinyl by Simon Davey at The Exchange London, this reissue was pressed by Optimal Media Germany instead of the original MPO France.

The overall sound is dynamic, open with great details. It is also warm and analogue like, there are plenty of low level details. The bass is low and the drums make absolutely beautiful sound. They are punchy, weighty and organic on the white vinyl but I find the bass and especially drums just a tad woolly and muddy on disc 2 black vinyl. I was really surprised that Side A and B on white vinyl has slightly much clearer sound than the Side C and D on black vinyl!

The pressing is fairly quiet with some light surface noise, which are negligible. Perhaps the original pressing by MPO France would sound better. I will keep an eye open for a copy but until then, this is as good as it gets…